What is Cryptocurrency?

It is an electronic currency that is established by combining cryptographic technologies such as block chain and electronic signature, which does not have guarantee of value by a nation.

What is ICO?

It is a system that ICO companies issue their own currencies called "tokens" and get investers to purchase.


"It is an ICO comprehensive information platform that posts only carefully selected and highly trustworthy ICOs, and it also supports users' participation in ICO smoothly. In addition, it is an asset management platform that supports the start-up of ICO companies"

What is IBK FUND?

IBK fund is a system of capital gain. We will organize portfolio and diversify the investment when an ICO place on our website. We distribute the profit generated by the diversified investment according to the amount of ratio of possession.

What is GLOBAL ICO BANK Portfolio?

"AI developed by ICO BANK organizes a portfolio with ICOs that examined from posts on our website."

How can I place my ICO on GLOBAL ICO BANK?

"When you add your site on GLOBAL ICO BANK, please fill in as follows and contact us. contact@ibk-token.io ""article name"", ""inquiries on site public examination"" After that, the content of examination will be sent from GLOBAL ICO BANK, please fill in the form and reply."

Who will join the project as specialists?

How do they evaluate ICO project?

We will announce our specialists on our "Blog" on the website at a later date.

How do you support us when I add our ICO project on GLOBAL ICO BANK?

Some matters might be required consultation to support an ICO. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

What will be happened when our project is failure after added my ICO on GLOBAL ICO BANK?



No, it's not a scam.

What companies are business tie-up with ICO BANK?

We will announce on our "Blog" on the website when we'll build a business tie-up with other companies.


What is IBK Wallet?

It is a wallet that can purchase ICO smoothly.

What is IBK TOKEN?

It is a special token that can purchase ICO on the global ICO bank.

What is character of IBK Wallet?

It is a wallet linked with MyEtherWallet. It is a feature that you can purchase ICO in IBK token.

What are exchanges?

It is a place buying and selling cryptocurrency. Unlike a sale place, a buyer and seller offers a price mutually and cannot make a deal if it doesn't match.

When does the Exchange open?

The exclusive exchange opens in October, 2018.

When will the Debit Card be able to purchase?

We will announce on our blog later on the website.

What are the advantages of IBK TOKEN?

When you purchase ICO in IBK token, 10% token bonus is granted for that purchase. In addition, when an operator invests in ICO on ICO BANK and generates profit, at most 50% of the profit will be distributed to the IBK token holder by BTC. Moreover, you can trade with various altcoins on the exclusive exchange of ICO BANK .

Can anyone make an account of IBK Wallet?

Those who are over 18 years old who acquired your account can make an account.

How secure is IBK WALLET?

Can I exchange IBK TOKEN on the other exchanges except for IBK Wallet?

It is possible if it is a listed exchange. Also we're going to release an exchange that can convert coins in IBK denominated.

What wallets are compatible with IBK?

It's MyEtherWallet.

How can I make my account of IBK Wallet to participate in ICOs.

Basically you will remit BTC to IBK wallet. Because BTC is automatically converted into IBK token within that IBK wallet, please purchase ICO with the converted IBK token.

Can I send remittance from an exchange?

It is possible if IBK BANK or a listed exchange.

What's the difference between an exchange and wallet?

"Exchanges are where you can convert the legal currency of each country into various virtual currencies.With Wallet, you can use virtual currency to remit, deposit, save and store shopping and its virtual currency."

How should I do when my funds had been stolen?

Please save them in IBK WALLET basically. Although it carries out strong security by a private key etc., if it is stolen by hacking etc., it becomes the administrator's responsibility, it can not compensate for the stolen part.

Does wallet support Bitcoin or the other coins?

We are planning only BTC can be cashed currently.

Do I need smartphone to use IBK WALLET?

You can use it if you have either PC or smartphone.

How can my Wallet send offline?

You can not send offline.

I sent IBK TOKEN to a wrong address. What should I do?

Even if you make a remmitance to wrong address, we can not refund it. Please make sure to confirm that the address is correct.

Create your IBK WALLET account

How can I open an account of IBK Wallet?

I'm going to announce it at a later date.

WIs this for free?

It's for free.

What kind of documents do I have to submit?

It is an ID card with a face photo.

When does the Exchange open?

The exclusive exchange opens in October, 2018.

What are acceptable forms of identification?

Passport and driver's license will be the basis.Please consult with other e-mail certificates by e-mail.

What forms of identification are not acceptable?

You can not use ID card with a non-face.

Member page

Can I use IBK wallet in 24/7?

You can not use it during maintenance

Can I use multiple terminals on IBK WALLET?

It is possible to have a login ID and password.

How can I see the balance of tokens in my WALLET?

It is possible to check the balance in the IBK WALLET page.

Where can I check the balance of my account?

It is possible to check the balance in the IBK WALLET page.

How to restore access to your accounts if you lose/destroy your device

Where can I buy / sell / trade / exchange my Tokens?

It is possible to trade within IBK Wallet. Or when you open on an exchange, you can also buy and sell at exchanges.

What happens if my Wallet goes down?

A ballance is not displayed on Wallet

Please logout and login again. If it still does not appear, please send us e-mail containing an account ID and an e-mail address.

"How can I change or modify contents of registration. Address,name,mail address,password and bank account."

I can not login.

I forgot my password. Please let me know my password again.

There is an indication "Forgot your password?" on the login page, please reset your password from there.

Transactions are not displayed.

Account are not displayed on the Blockchain.

Please let me know how I can close my account.

How can I contact?

Please contact the address of contaxt@ibk-token.io


How can I get IBK TOKEN?

Please login to ibk-token.io and create an account and purchase them.

How can I participate in IBK TOKEN distribution?

Please login to ibk-token.io and create an account and join it.

Do you have a presale of IBK TOKEN?

A pre-sale is held a total of 6 times from March, 2018 to May. It is held once each in March and April, and 4 times in May from one quarter to four quaters.

What purchase methods will be accepted during the token sale?

Please login to ibk-token.io and create an account and purchase them.

Is IBK an ERC20 token?

Yes, it is.

Can I mine IBK tokens?

It is impossible to mine them.

Where can I check the price of IBK TOKEN?

The price when it will be listed on exchanges is the price of the IBK coin.

What kind of problem is IBK TOKEN going to solve?

It was difficult before that users purchase ICOs smoothly and receive them, but users will be able to do those. In addition, enterprises can hold IBK TOKENs by ICO.

What is the maximum number of shares of IBK TOKEN?

The maximum number of shares of IBK tokens is 100,000,000,000 IBK.

What is the marketing strategy for IBK?

Does IBK own invoices?

Can I sell my invoices on IBK?

I can not do it because there is no invoice.

What countries does IBK currently support?

Can I buy invoices even if I do not reside in supported countries?

I can not do it because there is no invoice.

How do I make repayment when invoice is settled by my customer?

I can not do it because there is no invoice.

Can I deposit fiat or other cryptocurrencies to buy invoices?

I can not do it because there is no invoice.

Can I buy invoices using IBK tokens?

I can not do it because there is no invoice.

How can I gain a profit?

Please invest in the ICO in GLOBAL ICO BANK or have more IBK coins.

How much dividends will be distributed to IBK TOKEN holders?

At most 50% of the profits earned by the operator toinvest in ICO in ICO BANK will be distributed to the IBK token holders.

How can I use IBK tokens?

It can be used for purchasing ICO in global ICOBANK.

How can I sell IBK Tokens?

You can buy and sell on exclusive exchanges.


Are there any risks of losing money to invest in IBK FUND?

You will not lose because you can receive a dividend from FUND as long as you own IBK.

What is ASP?

"It stands for Application Service Provider, it refers to the provider (business entity) of the service that provides the application on the Internet, and the provided software and service is called ASP service."

What is Token Bonus?

It is that you can get extra 10% TOKENs according to the number you own when you own ICO in global ICO BANK.

When is the distribution of IBK TOKEN to owner?

The operator selects ICO in ICO BANK examined carefully and then invests. As a result, when profit comes out, at most 50% of profit will be distributed in BTC.

Where can I check the operation state of IBK FUND?

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