I’ll introduce the currently posted our unique token that can exchange with IBK in GLOBANK ICO BANK

The name of the coin is "Beicoin",
Our team has now developed its own wallet "Dragon Wallet" which is " patent pending ".
Thanks to develope it , it can restore just the distributed information without saving the backup on the cloud
That is to say
・Hardware wallet
・Multi signature
It will be the world's first security technology wallet that has never been better with these two technologies.
This team opened the "DRAGON GATE WAY" exchanges using the world's first secret sharing technology.
The unique token of the exchange that is issued there is "Beicoin".
The unique token of the exchange is the same as the binnance coin which is also used in the big exchange which is the leading exchange that represents the world.
In past data of this unique token of this exchange, there is also a survey result that the price of 18 kinds of unique tokens of overseas exchanges has become "600%" growth rate on average.
In addition, this Wallet technology and IBK WALLET's technology also have business tie-ups, and we have set aside a way to become a more secure and comfortable wallet.
Those who purchase at IBK will receive a 10% bonus from regular tokens on this time.
At this times ico,
・8 ETH
・0.6 BTC
And you purchase unique token you will receive “Dragon Wallet” for free.
I recommend THE“Beicoin” with this ICO which is perfect as a project of IBK